The People’s March for Europe


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Circumstances have changed: Parliament must catch up

The tide is turning. If you are one of the growing majority rejecting the UK’s current path out of the EU, you are not powerless and it is not too late.

The British public is increasingly concerned about Brexit; poll after poll shows a bigger majority for staying in the EU. As the reality of our exit from the EU becomes clear, we hear frustrations from those who voted and campaigned to leave, but now believe that the country is headed for disaster. But the Government is not listening. It is up to us to make them hear.

The European Union has offered the UK an olive branch, a way to stop all this, a way out of this madness. Taking no-Brexit is officially on the table, offered by the EU. This is the option our Government must take to protect our future and that of generations to come.

Rise Up! Speak Up!

Enough is Enough

In June, Theresa May demanded a mandate for her cliff-edge Brexit and instead we took away her majority. Public opinion today does not support any Brexit, let alone the Tories’ extreme variety.

Regardless of the growing public dismay, the Government and opposition are hell-bent on the most destructive Brexit possible. This is neither in the national interest nor is it democratic. It is time for us – the ignored masses – to say enough is enough.


People's March - The Brexit Kid

Be the Change

The will of the people has changed and we can only show this by coming out on the street and making Parliament listen. Only we can reclaim our future. This is our chance to be the change and stand up for our country.

Join us and march to show the strength of feeling as we demand the return of common sense in Britain’s political leadership. Today’s political decisions bear no relation to the interests of the public or the country.

Our Message: Country before Brexit

Numerous industries now warn against job losses and closures should we leave the single market; neither polls nor the election result support a mandate for an extreme Brexit. Yet the government refuses to reconsider its negotiating stance.

Every day more damaging news emerges but, despite the pleas of sensible politicians, the cabal of leaders continues on a path that no longer holds credibility inside Westminster let alone on the streets of Britain.

Austerity opens us to terror attacks through underfunded security, health failures through an underfunded NHS and the deaths of hundreds in our underfunded social housing. Yet, we see our Parliament spending money that could be used to improve our lives on dodgy deals to prop up their plans for a kamikaze departure from the EU that the public does not support.

From the outside looking in, the lunatics seem to be running the asylum. 

People's March - Camera People

Who are the People’s March?

The People’s March for Europe is grassroots and inclusive of any organisations which are actively campaigning for continued UK membership of the European Union.

In the wake of the EU referendum, people from all walks of life and political affiliations formed local pro-EU campaign organisations. These organisations set out to resist Brexit in their cities, towns and communities. Together, these organisations can make a difference – collectively we are the popular opposition to Brexit this country deserves.