The UK is the first country to be accused by the European Court of Human Rights for “grave and systemic violations” of the human rights of sick and disabled people.

The government and Brexit movement want out of Europe partly to escape its obligation to the European Convention on Human Rights (which, ironically, was written BY the UK after WWII to protect the people of Europe, including the UK, from abuses of power by governments).

By escaping their obligation to the ECHR, it removes protections to all of society, from working laws protecting you from unfair dismissal or harassment from your boss, rights to sick leave, maternity leave etc, to protections from torture if you are arrested (even wrongly arrested), the right to a fair trial, and the rights of disabled people.

Leaving can remove rights from YOU, every one of you, your family and friends. You may not need some of these rights at this exact moment in time, but when you are in a situation where an accident or illness has left you suddenly disabled, when your boss begins to behave unethically to you, when you or someone you know needs maternity leave, if you are wrongly accused of a crime, you will NEED your rights protected.

Fight for YOUR rights, now by supporting the people’s march for Europe, right out retain the rights that your grandfathers fought for you to have. Our predecessors fought and died during WWII to ensure these freedoms for you and your families, don’t let all that suffering be for nothing.

Even if you can’t march, spread the word, make your voice heard, contact your MP, make sure they are still fighting for your rights. Share posts, tweet, share information, let people know what they stand to lose, and lobby to keep it.

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From Disabled Supporter K