It’s all systems go at the People’s March virtual HQ, we are now finalising our list of speakers and getting everything in place for the day. We’re anticipating an amazing turnout, and we have you to thank for this. Without your support and the will to remain in the EU we wouldn’t be able to make this happen and give a voice in opposition to Brexit.

We have put together a PDF info pack for the march. Download the PDF and keep it at hand on the day. As mobile phone coverage can be unpredictable. The Info Pack PDF along with the full list of confirmed speakers can be found here:

New Speakers, More to come…

Sir Ed Davey MP – Shadow Home Secretary, MP for Kingston & Surbiton.  Liberal Democrats are the only UK party that has consistently opposed Brexit, and additionally that Brexit ‘will be so damaging to people who live in our area.’

Tom Brake MP – Exiting the European Union; International Trade; First Secretary of State, MP for Carshalton and Wallington. Tom was born in Leicestershire and from the age of eight, lived with his family in France, attending the Lycee International. Upon returning to England, Tom attended Imperial College, London where he gained a BSc (Hons) degree in Physics.

Raluca Enescu (New Europeans) – Raluca is Romanian citizen currently living in London. Having worked for New Europeans as a social media manager, she continues to be a part of the team as a volunteer. An LSE graduate, she currently works with charities in health policy research and work rights advising.

Stuart Clark (Stand Up for Europe) – Stuart campaigns for Electoral Reform in UK and Federalism in UK and Europe. He has worked for a global ticketing company for 30 years and is currently Product Support Manager for Europe. He lives in London and Cornwall.

Dr Claire Fielden (EU in Brum) – Claire is an Audiologist and Clinical Researcher with a long history of working for the NHS. She specialises in cochlear implants: a treatment for severe hearing losses. She was born in South Wales, but has been living in the Midlands for the last 20 years. She is an active member of the pro-remain group EU in Brum.

New Sponsor

Twump Baked Beans SponsorWe would also like to announce our new sponsor, ‘Twump Baked Beans.’ They are helping us out and making sure everything is in place on the day. They are a satire group poking a bit of fun at certain world leader, who for legal reason we cannot name. They are also offering a trip to Guam… More reason to go take a look, go visit their site and have a look around. We support their work and hope you do to.

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