Why September 9th and not any other relevant date?

We picked this date due to timing and logistics. There are other relevant dates we could have used, most were too soon and would have made it impossible to gather the resources and organise a significant number of people to march. Other dates were too late and we would have missed the boat. The 9th September is a few days after the new Government has returned from summer recess and the first stretch of the road to Brexit. We have to get our voices heard before the Government commits to a path to shape our future.

When was this event scheduled? Does it clash with other events?

The event was first conceived in the weeks that followed the successful 25/03/2017 event. The current date was set in June, at which time no other events were planned for the end-of-summer period.  Other events have since been scheduled, but none clash directly with the People’s March.

Do the organisers support other marches?

The  People’s March supports the broadest possible range of pro-Remain events, and believes that march organisers and supporters should all work together for the common goal – stopping Brexit. The People’s March is actively coordinating with local march organisers, and welcomes close cooperation with other marches. We actively promote and support all Pro-EU grass roots action.

How can we interview you?

As we are not about egos we prefer not to do interviews about who we are. We are willing to talk about the march, our aims and goals. We do not wish to appear on camera or be the face of the march. This is the People’s March, speak to the people that are affected by Brexit, they are the ones who are important. We are here to give the people a voice and platform to speak out against what is happening to their country. If you wish to contact us please use the Contact Form.

I’m organising a local event can you help?

Yes, we would love to help, this is about getting the people to Rise Up and Speak Up about what is happening. If you have a Facebook page, event, website or other social media portal, let us know via the Contact Form and we will help to promote your event.

What is the People’s March message? And what is the basis for some claims that it is too soft?

The People’s March is against the UK leaving the EU. The message is UNITE, RETHINK, REJECT BREXIT NOW, it was determined through a professionally managed online test of interest. This test was conducted in an open format, not on a Remain site, because the goal of the People’s March is to be appealing to the widest possible range of pro EU and anti-Brexit participants.

Other messages were tested to less effect, notably the populist StopBrexit message drew less interest and stronger negatives, consistent with focus group feedback indicating that it is seen as being divisive and confrontational.

In the end, on the day, it is about what message you the protesters create with your banners. All voices are important from the hard to the soft to the ones in between.

Why Protest, the Referendum was the ‘Will of the People’?

Democracy only works if there is a healthy voice of dissent, no matter which side you are on an opposition is vital. If we just bowed down to the referendum result we would not be exercising our democratic rights as EU citizens. Article 11 of the human rights act gives everyone the right to peaceful assembly and protest. We want to protect the right to protest for all. It would be remiss of us to not protest for the very thing that gives us that right. If we just rolled over and followed in line then democracy is dead.

Why march?

Marches bring up one important question, if 100,000 people are willing to take to the streets to make a change, how many more couldn’t make it? We should march because we have the freedom to, we should march because we can. Politicians won’t discuss a march in Parliament, but they are very well aware of the power of large crowds to change the course of history. Large marches bring media attention to the failings of the Government, they give the people a voice that can be heard across the globe, but above all else they can be a force for change.

“From speaking to MPs, the message I get from them is that they won’t be confident to stand against Brexit unless they can see that the public is demanding it. One MP told me that anything less than 100,000 people at a march is useless. Protests/Marches are a standard gauge that politicians use to determine whether their career can withstand standing against the political momentum.” says Matt LG.

Are People getting Paid?

For insurance and your safety, we work with professional crews in many areas or the People’s March would never be allowed to happen. It is inevitable that some of the crew will have to be paid, however, we have negotiated the best deals and reduced rates where we can. We could do this with nothing but volunteers, however, we couldn’t offer any guarantees of safety or that the People’s march would ever happen. Not to mention the ethical implications and issues it may cause with Human Rights, that the People’s March is fighting for.

“One of the fundamental human rights is the right to a just remuneration that ensures an existence worthy of human dignity. The preamble to the Constitution of the International Labour Organization identifies the provision of an adequate living wage as one of the conditions for universal and lasting peace based on social justice,” says ILO senior economist, Patrick Belser.

How is the People’s March to be funded? Will the accounts be transparent?

The People’s March will be funded by a public crowd funder (see link, right). The People’s March Council ensures transparent and inclusive delivery of the march.

Who holds the money?

The money is going into a holding account for The People’s March Ltd. This holding account has limited access and is bound by a contract until the dual signatory account is finalised.

The dual-signatory bank account will be tax registered and managed by The People’s March Ltd. The core People’s March Council members are directors of that company. We will be filing end of year accounts as we are legally required with an accountant. All tax and invoices will be paid, and everything will be done legitimately and legally. We cannot take the risk of any financial issues as it could be damaging to the movement, the company, or the future of pro-EU marches.