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Every day more damaging news emerge but, despite the pleas of sensible politicians, the cabal of leaders continues on a path that no longer holds credibility inside Westminster let alone with the people. 

Numerous industries now warn against job losses and closures should we leave the EU. Neither polls nor the election result support a mandate for an extreme Brexit. Yet the government refuses to listen and reconsider. 

In June, Theresa May demanded a mandate for her cliff-edge Brexit and we took away her majority. The people of the UK have the power to stop Brexit, we must unite and work towards our goal.

The reality of our exit from the EU becomes clear and the country is headed for disaster, but the Government is not listening to its people. 

With a little over 4 weeks to go, we need to reach £32.000, to put people on a stage that the press cannot ignore. Share on social media and get your friends to join the fight.

It is time for us – the ignored masses – to say enough is enough. 

We need to make the Government Listen!

The tide is turning.  An ever growing majority want to stay in the EU, together we are not powerless and it is not too late. 

The European Union has offered the UK an olive branch, a way to stop all this, a way out of this madness. Taking no-Brexit is officially on the table, offered by the EU. This is the only option we want and we must make the Government listen to the people.  

Crowdfunder - Staging

How will we spend the Money?

The funds raised will be used to provide a fully professional event as well as promotion and advertising campaign to ensure that our voices are heard. We have 4 options, depending on the funds raised.

  • Option 1: Basic March – £13,367.20 – Health and safety provision, all the organising, coordinating, but NO speakers, NO rally with a stage in Parliament Square.
  • Option 2: March and Rally – £32,078.20 (This is the ideal target) – This will include the march as in Option 1, with a rally and stage in Parliament Square, with speakers. With limited media output and crew.
  • Option 3: March and Rally with Filming and Documentary – £41,092.70 – This will include the march and rally as per Option 2, including filming of the event, other publically available media resources and a documentary.
  • Option 4: The Whole Shebang – £65,000 – Everything from, the previous options plus, extensive promotion across the UK, to show others they are not alone.

Crowdfunder Stretch Goals

We have planned stretch goals that will enable the People’s March to execute, a national advertising campaign. Our aim is to spread the People’s March message far and wide. This might include such things as, print and billboard advertising. Creating a Visual Archive of the march that will provide an excellent resource for the press, media and future generations. Depending on the level of stretch funding we receive. The Stretch Goals will be added to the Crowdfunder once with have reached our initial goal.