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We want to show that the Remain Movement is united for one cause through many voices. Herein lies a list of the individuals, groups and organisation that support the People’s March for Europe. The People’s March is inclusive of many voices acting and an umbrella march to gives a voice to many.

If you wish to support or sponsor the People’s March please get in touch with us, and you can have your logo and message here, please use the Contact Form.


Twump Baked Beans

Twump Baked Beans

Inspired by a great, really great man we at Twump Beans began a national effort to make beans great again. We faced challenges. We faced hardships. But we got the job done.

No inferior, overrated, badly beans (a total disaster for America), we only use the bigliest, bestest, most beautiful beans.

Right here and right now, the bean carnage has stopped. No more poor weak rusted bean cans scattered like tombstones across America.

We have made American beans great again.

We are grateful to those who helped us, they are magnificent.

Thank you. Covfefe!

New Europeans

New Europeans was set up in 2013 because there was no answer to the question “What would happen to EU citizens and Britons in Europe if the UK voted to leave the EU?”.

If you are an EU citizen living in Britain or a British citizen living in the EU, then we are here to support and represent you.

We do this in the following ways:


  • by campaigning for immediate, comprehensive, unilateral guarantees for all EU citizens living in the UK and Britons living in the EU.
  • by defending the principle of freedom of movement of people and the rights to non-discrimination which go with it.
  • by challenging the British public to re-think their decision to vote for Britain to leave the European Union in the light of subsequent experience.
  • by engaging in the Europe-wide debate about the Future of Europe.

If you would like to join our growing, international network of individuals and organisations who cherish European citizenship and the values that underpin it, please sign up online here.


EU in Brum

At EU in Brum we feel strongly that membership of the EU has been a vital factor in improving the quality of life nationally and especially in Birmingham, and we want to keep it that way. Cooperation will always make the members stronger than trying to go it alone. As the Brexit talks are proving to be utterly shambolic and all pre-referendum promises of paradise have been replaced by wartime-like calls to weather the approaching bad times bravely, it is important to have actions on a national and local level, and we urge all Remainers to take part in as many of them as possible. We need to unite to make our voices heard and to show the true will of the people.

EU in Brum

Stratford 4 Europe

We at Stratford4Europe have organised a coach from Stratford-upon-Avon, stopping at Snitterfield (a village just outside Stratford) and Warwick Parkway station. Details and booking on our Eventbrite.

Stratford 4 Europe

UKtoStay in EU

Another day, another broken promise from a government bent on quitting the EU at all costs. We cannot build Britain’s future on leave lies and economic self-harm. As reality bites, the public is entitled to change its mind on Brexit. Enough is enough: we must keep on making the fact-based case for the UK to stay in the EU.” – Paul Andrew James Dunne

No 10 Vigil

No 10 vigil is a group of activists who have been gathering three nights a week outside Downing St. since February and if vigil conjures up candles and beatific expressions it’s time to think again! They are robust, creative and relentless.

They hope that their messages resonate with many Remainers and want to engage with them by means of visual audio events.

The no 10 vigil group is now on tour around London and on Saturdays , ou can find them outside festivals making a noise and encouraging all festival goers to wear their bright yellow ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ stickers – for which there are long enthusiastic queues. This committed bunch of people are anxious that uk citizens know that the remain cause is very much Alive and that this year it is very well organised. They unapologetically believe that the referendum did NOT provide a mandate for Brexit and want to break Brexit before Brexit breaks Britain” – Diane Datson

Campaign for the Real Referendum – on the Terms of Brexit

We call on MPs of all parties to amend the Government’s Brexit legislation in Autumn 2017 to provide for a referendum in late 2018 on the terms of Brexit with the option to Remain. In 2016 we had a vote on Brexit-the- idea – but no-one knew what they would get. We still do not know. So the 2016 mandate is provisional. Once we do know what Brexit means, we should vote on Brexit-the-plan. It would not be a re-run of 2016, but a vote on the next decision in the process. MPs should enable the people to Take Back Control. Give us the Final Say!” – Michael Romberg